New technology will allow you to charge your phone even in your pocket

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10, 2020, Yank Technologies introduced a new wireless charging technology.

Many new cars are equipped with wireless chargers, the shelves of which are usually located at the bottom of the center console. But the presented solution by Yank Technologies turned out to be more universal and convenient. The technology is based on three-dimensional antenna arrays and allows you to charge devices located at any point within their range. A phone, tablet or any other gadget that supports wireless charging or connected to a wireless charging adapter can be in your pocket or in your hands and used at that time.

Wireless wifi Charging Charge your phone even in your pocket

Since the Yank charger has a wide range, it can charge several gadgets at once. It can also be used to power various vehicle systems without having to pull wires to them. For example, this way a car keychain can be charged or powered by electric rear-view mirrors. The charging power of the device reaches 30 watts.

wireless Charging
wireless Charging

Visitors to the exhibition had concerns about the radio waves emitted by the Yank Technologies charger, which could be harmful to humans and other living things. Such waves can cause cancer, which was proved experimentally during tests on rats. But the company claims that the charging system emits only 0.06 watts of radio wave radiation per kilogram of body weight, which is confirmed by measurements of the US Federal Communications Commission. For comparison, a mobile phone leaning against the ear emits from 1.1 to 1.5 watts per kilogram of body weight.

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