Samsung J2, J2 Pro FRP Remove File 100% Working

Today we will talk about the FRP of Samsung J2, J2 Pro mobile if you have either of these two sets. And there is a FRP lock in it, then we will tell you in this post about how to solve that problem.

You will have to download two files for this, one will be its FRP file and one will be on its flash tools very rarely. Your file will be less than 1MB. After downloading both these files and tools, what you have to do, we have given the video in this post, you watch this video and you will understand what you have to do, from this file you will soon be able to remove the FRP of your mobile.

You can use this file today and it works 100%, do not use this file in any other model, otherwise your file which is mobile can also be corrupt, you can only use it in Samsung J2 and J2 Pro Is and there is some model of J2 that takes this file support but I will command you to unlock FRP in these two models.

How to Remove FRP ( J2, J2pro)?

In this video, we have shown the MRP of J2 and J2 Pro by showing this procedure and you can solve your problem by following this process.


Download FRP File and Tools.

File Name FRP file with Odin Tools
File Size 3.43MB

Download Now 


While following the guide in this site, you will not be responsible for any damage to your device. Please proceed at your own risk.

👋 Remember: If you flash or hard reset your smartphone, you should back up all your data, because after flash or hard reset all your important data will be lost from internal memory.


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