Redmi Blue Screen Problem Solution | Working Tested

The problem of Redmi Blue Screen can be seen in many models. Today, in this post, we will explain how to solve this problem. Friends, looking at the blue screen LCD, it seems that the screen is the problem but not. This problem is from the mobile board. Which can be solved very easily. To solve this problem, you should come to repair. Only then you will be able to fix this problem.
The problem of Redmi Blue Screen is now very much seen. What do you have to do to fix this? Wash the mobile board Hit with the hotgun. Cook the LCD leaf point. Resolve the lcd point on the board properly. Now check your mobile, your problem will be solved.

Soldering LCD Point | Solve your Problem

Please keep in mind

  1. Note that the flash file is include in the mobile version. You should combine the file to be downloaded from your phone version. On the page, note that the file is of the same file.
  2. All your data will be erased by flushing.
  3. Please note that before flashing, charge your phone battery 70%. Otherwise, there may be a problem while flashing.
  4. The files or software on this site are Downloaded from its official website. Which is absolutely free.
  5. If you know about flushing. Only then flash your mobile. If you do something wrong. So Androidji.Com will not be responsible for this.

Something About Firmware (Flash File)

All the files or Software on our website have been taken from its official site. The same file software will be available on Androidji which is free from the official site. Before Download any File and Software from this site, You need to know about it.

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