Boot key of all models of Lenovo will be found on this site.
To open Windows Boot Manager, press the Boot Key rapidly and repeatedly on the Lenovo logo during bootup. Now you have to select boot device in the list. Now you select boot device.

Lenovo Boot key

All Lenovo Boot Key


Lenovo ModelBoot Key
Ideapad N SeriesF12
Ideapad P SeriesF12 at the Lenovo Logo
Ideapad S SeriesNovo Button, Some Models : F12
Ideapad U SeriesNovo Button, Some Models : F12
Ideapad V SeriesF12
Ideapad Y SeriesF12
Ideapad Z SeriesNovo Button, Some Models : F12
B SeriesNovo Button, Some Models : F12
E SeriesNovo Button, Some Models : F12
Edge SeriesNovo Button
Flex SeriesNovo Button
G SeriesF12
K SeriesF1
M SeriesF1
N SeriesF2
S SeriesNovo Button
V SeriesF1
Y SeriesNovo Button
Z SeriesNovo Button
Yoga SeriesNovo Button, Some Models : F2/(Fn+F2)
ThinkPad Yoga 12F1

If you want to make a Lenovo laptop. Then this post is for you. One must know about Boot Key to make laptop. If you know the boot key of the laptop then it becomes very easy to format. Each model of Lenovo has different boot keys. We have given the boot key of all Lenovo models in this post. Formatting with a USB boot driver is a very easy way. For which you need to boot the pen driver or SD card.

Although Boot Key is a lot of work, but most of the Boot Key is used to format the laptop. When you press the Boot Key, you are taken to the Menu. And in that you have to select the boot drive. For example, the USB boot driver is formatted through a CD boot driver. How do I get my Lenovo laptop to boot from USB.

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