How Coronavirus will change the Gadgets of the Future


The virus can survive on different surfaces , such as cardboard , plastic , steel , cloth and glass for several days. Therefore , it survives on the surface of various electronic devices: smartphones , tablets , headphone joysticks , as well as on keyboards , mice , joysticks and so on. One of the consequences of a pandemic may be the emergence of a new requirement for gadget cases – an antibacterial coating.

As it turned out, the coronavirus does not survive on all surfaces. For example, on the surface of copper, it can last less than four hours, since the ions of this metal are an effective disinfectant. It is not difficult to assume that in the near future there will be a social order for research and development of new materials for cases of future electronic devices.

When this pandemic ends, people’s habits will change. As a result, we will see the emergence of a new category of products from materials with antibacterial properties. The devices that we constantly hold in our hands and whose surfaces we touch, which we bring to our faces and lean against our ears should be safer. Especially if several people can use these devices.

A similar antibacterial category of products will appear due to the development of new habits in people. It will differ only in materials of a new generation and innovative hygienic layers.