Apple is working on transformer headphones

Currently, Apple’s product line includes ultra-popular AirPods wireless headphones, as well as Beats brand headphones owned by an American company. But in 2020, Apple plans to enter the premium headphone segment and is preparing a new model that should compete with the on-ear headphones Master & Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins, as well as products from Bose, Sony and Sennheiser.

According to information Bloomberg, in Cupertino they are working on wireless over-ear headphones in a retro style, a feature of which will be their transformable design. The ear pads and headband will have a magnetic mount, which allows customers to choose various design options and comfortable or sporty headphones. It is stated that the headphones will receive a noise reduction system from AirPods Pro and support for Siri voice assistant.

Apple is working on transformer headphones

According to the publication, citing its own sources inside Apple, the development of overhead headphones has been ongoing since 2018 and the premiere of the accessory has been delayed at least twice. Existing plans to bring the product to market in 2020 can also be adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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