Will Apple have its own sovereign satellite Internet

Everything secret sooner or later slowly becomes apparent. This happened with Apple’s secret development: its own satellite Internet , available only to the company’s gadgets and not requiring additional devices to connect.

Information about the project through its own anonymous sources in the company got the agency Bloomberg. Work on it has been going on for more than a year and a half, but only now particles of information have begun to come into public access. In 2017, Apple lured Google’s two talented aerospace engineers, Michael Trela ​​and John Fenwick. They headed at their former place of work a whole division of the corporation, the main area of ​​activity of which was satellite communications and interaction with spacecraft.

Until recently, John and Michael led a small group of engineers who, under the watchful eye of Tim Cook personally (Apple CEO), worked out the concept of the project. Apparently, the face of the technology is already ready, because now a talented couple began to work closely with the unit directly responsible for the development of the iPhone. It is difficult to say with certainty what exactly they are doing, but this fact should be pretty wary of other smartphone manufacturers. And that’s why.

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The “apple” company from Cupertino over the past few weeks has been intensively replenishing its staff with high-class specialists of a rather unusual profile for the brand. Among the targets for Apple headhunters are engineers with experience in developing components of telecommunication systems, wireless data networks, as well as in the aerospace industry. If everything goes according to plan, then a finished, revolutionary and unparalleled product should appear on the market in the next five years.

What will it be? There is very little information available. The most daring option is a full-fledged low-orbit satellite constellation that communicates directly with your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple gadgets. The indisputable advantage of this solution is the absolute independence of the company’s products from third-party networks: cellular, Wi-Fi or others. That is, Apple will be able to guarantee its customers a secure, reliable and (possibly) fast communication channel anywhere in the world. It is very expensive and complicated, but theoretically possible.

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