Samsung GT-E1200Y Network Problem Solved


If you have a Samsung GT-E1200Y mobile and have a network problem, the network is less caught or is not coming, then this post is for you In this post we will tell you how we can solve Samsung’s network problem. You can solve your Samsung Mobile’s network problem via post.

Let us tell you in this post how you can solve Samsung GT-E1200Y network problem, you can solve this problem very easily through this post and we will tell you that you will fix this model just like that If some problem comes in some other Samsung mobile then you can solve the problem through this tips

What could be the problem of network failure in samsung GT-E1200Y model

If seen, the Samsung keypad mobile has a variety of network problems, in which your network will come sometime, will be completely gone for some time or it will not come or if problems of this type come, then we will talk about some problems How does it happen

  1. Power IC Network Supply Might Be Network Problem
  2. Supply nano from network IC to network antenna can also be a main reason
  3. Points that occur around network IC s are damaged or broken. This is also the main reason for not getting the network. Most of the time it has been seen that the network is the problem due to the point being broken or broken.

How to Solve Samsung’s Network Problem?

First of all, you have to check all the points whether the supply is coming properly or not, we will give you a video in this post, you should watch that post and learn what you have to do, yet we will tell you what to do Through the post, you first have to check every single point from the multimeter around the network IC that is delivering the supply to the network IC and from the network IC to the network antenna.

Supply you If it is cut, then correct it through your jumper, we will tell you some points, by following which you can solve this problem very easily.

First of all you check all the points of the network supply, if all the points are correct then you hit the network IC with a light paste then you check whether the network is coming
Clean the supply going from the network IC to the network antenna and remove any point that is installed at that point, then connect that supply through a jumper and then check your network.

You can also see this problem through video, how it is solved. If you do not understand through the post, then you must see the video in this post and learn how to solve the network problem of Samsung GT-E1200Y key. It is done, keep in mind that if you hit the mobile with a hard gun, then you keep the distance from the power IC, otherwise your mobile may have some more problem.

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